The Brown Bunny Effect

July 2, 2010 by AnnMarie

Last night I caught the last 30 minutes of Grand Torino. Hadn’t seen it before and had no clue what had happened leading up to the point I’d started watching it. It had a really great ending – the kind that makes you stop and go “oh wow” and then think about what just happened the entire credit roll before you snap out of it and realize you left the rice on the stove too long and burnt it.

I call this the Brown Bunny effect, a saying that comes from another movie called, well, the Brown Bunny. Watching it I wanted to blow my brains out. It was so fucking boring and didn’t seem to go anywhere. The dvd skipped like mad and drove me bat shit crazy. Nonetheless, I’d been given the assignment by a friend to watch the entire movie, no matter what, and I did. At the end I couldn’t stop crying and saying “oh no, oh no, oh god no. Oh wow.” Total stunner. Made all the monotony leading up to that moment worth while.

I was thinking that my life may be a bit of a Brown Bunny. I keep thinking that I’m going to have an “oh wow” moment that will be somewhat of a grand feather in the cap type of deal, but never quite get there. I’m getting old and I don’t really have much to show for a lifetime of monotony, hard work, bullshit, adventure and hardship. Maybe as long as in the end, when someone tells someone else the long boring story of my life, in the end they’ll say “oh wow.”

How the hell does this relate to boxing bunnies? Well, we may not be a slim as we want to be, as toned as we want to be, as energetic as we want to be or have the stamina we want to have, but if we keep doin’ what we do, working hard, plodding along and aiming always towards that goal, we can get to our Brown Bunny moment. That and both phrases have bunnies in them.

Happening In the Gym

@bestfriendsanimalsociety I'm a little windblown and hopefully don't sound to desperate, but here is my impassioned plea to hire me for your Sanctuary Ambassador/Tour Guide position open in Kanab. Resume coming to you soon (Ann Marie Route)! And friends? Boxing Bunnies gang? Comment here to let them know why you think I'd make a great Ambassador for this amazing animal sanctuary! Yay, c'mon team! Bat bag. Always a favorite. Huginator. A friendly reminder that you don't need a gym or even a building to do this. Just saying.

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