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July 8, 2010 by AnnMarie

Boxing Bunny member Brittany Bott (that’s a lot of B’s!) has been a vital part of our groups dynamic. Anyone who’s been to a class with her will agree her sense of humor and competitive spirit keeps everyone in stitches and on their toes. Watch her in the ring, sparring with Carlos or Clay, and you may catch that mischievous grin she gets after she’s stunned the guys, landing one of her killer right hooks. She’s one tough broad. I interviewed her yesterday to share with the group some additional insight into one of our favorite Bunny success stories.
Ann Marie Route: Brit, you moved to Jax last year and joined the Boxing Bunnies group in October, right? What brought you to Jax?
Brit Bott: I moved to Jax in September and started coming to classes in October.  I originally moved to Jax because I had a job with a Sports Illustrated photographer located here, whom I no longer work with but that’s a whole other story.
AMR: Can you tell us more about your education background and what type of work you do?
BB: I graduated from Ohio University with a B.S. in Visual Communications specializing in photojournalism and I minored in business.  When I was in college I focused a lot of my work on sports photography because it is a male dominated field and I wanted (and I still want to) make women stand out and show that we can do anything men can do.
AMR: What was your motivation to try boxing?
BB: Well if my memory is correct…I was searching for a story to work on when I moved here.  Preferably something that I haven’t tried before.  I came across your ad on Craigslist for the boxing class and I thought that it would be something fun to photograph and maybe I can meet some people.  When I had met up with a bunch of the girls, I was told that I should try the class, at least once. Why would I turn down a fun new activity that I had never experienced before?
AMR: It’s clear that you’ve lost weight, but what do you feel you’ve gained from being in the group?
BB: Well thank you…I can only hope that I’ve lost weight…maybe inches. I’ve gained a lot from being in the group. I’ve gained muscle in places I never thought I would possible have muscle, I’ve gained a higher self-esteem and I’ve gained friends that I never thought I would have here. And I am so grateful for each and every person I’ve become close to.
AMR: What is your favorite part of the workouts?
BB: There are a few things I really enjoy.  The funny moments with everyone, feeling the burn during the workout, when I get home and I can feel where I worked my muscles and how can I forget…starring at a couple of the good-looking guys at the gym 😉
AMR: What is your least favorite part of the workouts?
BB: This is an easy question.  I have two things I don’t like doing. Having to do the toe touches with the medicine ball and going around in a circle in the ring with the medicine ball.
AMR: When you’re not in the gym, what kind of activities do you like to do to keep healthy and fit?
BB: If I have the time, I try to go running or even on a walk. Sometimes I’ll go to the gym in my complex and I’ll use the treadmill or stationary bike.
Brit sparring with Clay

Brit sparring with Clay

Do you have tried and true foods that work with both your daily diet and to sustain you through these rigorous boxing workouts?
BB: I feel like I don’t think a lot about my diet but as I am writing this out, it actually seems like a lot. So bear with me. When it comes to food and my diet I’ve come to terms with the idea that if it’s not in my pantry or refrigerator, than I can’t eat it.  So I have no ice cream or sugary food. I drink only water and coffee in the morning. Things like soda or juice is just wasted calories so I try to avoid them.  I’ve tried to cut out all possible foods that may have preservatives in them…like the meals that you heat up or pretty much anything that is in the frozen section of the grocery store.  I eat a lot of fruit and vegetables and I stick to portion control.  If I really want something, I have to go out and buy it and sometimes I don’t want to go to the store to buy a snickers bar. I’ll eat some peanut butter in place of chocolate. One thing we noticed was that at a point during class I was getting tired so I needed to eat more during the day.  Now two hours before class I eat a protein bar.
AMR: What type of person do you think could benefit from this type of class?

BB: I think if someone is looking to lose weight and gain muscle this is definitely a good class for them. But you shouldn’t expect to shed the pounds in a matter of days.  Weight loss is something that, if done right should take weeks even months.  You have to be patient and understand that muscle weighs more than fat.  Even for me the scale is about the same when I started but my clothing all fits differently, which to me is a much better outcome.

AMR: Do you have any advice for newcomers to the class or anyone that is thinking about joining us?

BB: Don’t get discouraged.  So many people have come and gone. Whether it’s for one reason or another. Yes, you will be sore…but that’s natural..I’m sore even as I type this. But honestly, this class has truly done so much for me and the women in this class are amazing. If you need to just get something off your chest or you need someone to talk to or you are new to town, you should be able to find a friend in this class.

Brit in her element! 2010 Superbowl

AMR: You’re moving back to Philadelphia at the end of this month. We’re all going to miss your friendship, humor and your competitive drive that pushes the rest of us to keep up with you. What’s next for you?

BB: I don’t even know whats next for me. Which is scary.  I’ll probably continue my job search and finding my next official chapter in life.  I plan to put a lot of focus on my photography and maybe I’ll be able to get my business up and running.

AMR: Do you have anything additional to add or say to the girls of our group?

BB: Thank you for everything. Thank you for putting up with me and tolerating my odd comments 🙂  I am so grateful for this class, so I thank you so much Ann Marie.  If it wasn’t for this class I would have been back in Philly a long time ago. You all inspire me on a daily basis and I am blessed to have each and every one of you in my life.  Leaving Jacksonville is going to be so much harder now.  I never thought that I would have participated in boxing for as long as I did but I am motivated to come to class and work hard because everyone else is.  I’ve seen so many of you grow since I started and transform into better and more amazing people.  I am going to miss being at boxing so much.  It is my favorite part of the day and I hate missing it.  Always remember if you’re ever in Philly or where ever I end up next, please know that you have a place to stay.
Check out Brit’s amazing portfolio located at
We’ll miss ya Britt! Keep kickin’ ass up in Philly!

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