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July 10, 2010 by AnnMarie

The whole reason I wrote yesterdays blog was because I’d mentioned to one of the girls in the class that I had a list of “no bloat” foods to share. I forgot to actually post the list yesterday! Maybe I need to find a list of foods that are good for memory. Ah, anyways…here are some foods that relieve bloating.

Asparagus: it’s got some happy bacteria stimulating compounds in it.

Papaya: it’s enzymes helps break down and digest proteins. I use it in my protein smoothies sometimes (see yesterdays recipe).

Pineapple: another enzyme packed fruit, this one promotes proper digestion and can relieve stomach upset and heartburn. (Added bonus – it’s one of the few juices available that is 100% juice – nothing added but vitamin E & A is listed on the can of Dole I have in my fridge.)

Even a little celery daily flushes your body of excess water. Who knew?

Water with mint leaves: (or peppermint tea) basically, it’s a food and gas mover. It relaxes ab muscles.

Fennel: This is my personal fav. Crush up fennel seeds and toss them in…everything! You can even chew about a teaspoon of seeds after a meal. The fennel bulb itself is also effective. I roast it with other hearty veggies or stir fry it. Delicious!

Fennel bulb

So there you go. No pun intended.


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