Turning up the heat

July 27, 2010 by AnnMarie

Notoriously hot August is at our doorstep and as anyone who’s been in the gym with us knows, it’s HOT AS A MUTHA in there! But, those that are dedicated are really kicking up their game and are proud of the puddles of sweat at their feet at the end of class. On days that the heat is unbearable, we will continue to focus more on strength training and less on high impact cardio or plyometrics. The workout is still intense, but let’s not use the heat as a reason to slack off or slow down.

So here’s the challenge, if you dare: Can you commit to working out 3 days a week for the entire month of August?

If you can make it through this month, just think of how much easier the rest of the year will be! Challenge your body by pushing its limits. Challenge your mind by not letting excuses keep you from working out. Challenge your perception of what you think you can accomplish by actually trying harder than you ever have. There’s no one that gets off easy, but when you succeed – when you have those little “win” moments in life – it’s all worth while.

In the last couple of weeks I’ve had very moving conversations with a few girls in the class on how it has changed their lives for the better, and not just physically. Collectively, our girls have found confidence, self esteem, mental strength, focus, purpose, camaraderie, peace of mind, support, stress relief, and even the ability to break out of their shells to overcome shyness.

In the last two years, boxing has given me all of these things and filled a void in my life. I can’t imagine my life without boxing and I’m so happy that my job allows me to share that passion with you!

Now get your lazy ass in the gym!


Happening In the Gym

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