Say Uncle

August 3, 2010 by AnnMarie

If boxing has taught me anything, it’s patience. Today I had a very trying day before I even set foot in the gym. I had reached a level of frustration that made me throw up my hands and say “uncle!” I don’t normally get to that point and it rattled me.

I got to the gym and started my routine, gathering my gear together and turned my thoughts inward. Tuning everyone and everything out, I started wrapping my hands and with each layer I wound around and between my fingers and knuckles, I could feel the anxiety start to ease. The simple rituals that head-up every session mark the end of whatever is bothering me and the start of a cleansing process; a process that ends in a giant puddle of my own sweat. My muscles screaming, arms like spaghetti, knees about to buckle under me and, just as I try in vain to remember why I was so frustrated, my body screams “uncle!” Patience is regained and all is right in my world again.

Happening In the Gym

@bestfriendsanimalsociety I'm a little windblown and hopefully don't sound to desperate, but here is my impassioned plea to hire me for your Sanctuary Ambassador/Tour Guide position open in Kanab. Resume coming to you soon (Ann Marie Route)! And friends? Boxing Bunnies gang? Comment here to let them know why you think I'd make a great Ambassador for this amazing animal sanctuary! Yay, c'mon team! Bat bag. Always a favorite. Huginator. A friendly reminder that you don't need a gym or even a building to do this. Just saying.

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