You Got a Good Thing Going, Baby

August 12, 2010 by AnnMarie

Anyone who has been through my orientation class knows that I like to get the girls off to a good start. I work hard to show them the proper technique and form and, even though they may not master it on the first day, I try to help them avoid all the bad habits. Although it’s ok if the girls don’t get it right off, I always feel good that I tried.

Yesterday I had two girls in. One was there for her first time and came in with her friend who’d been to one session. Due to a late start, I decided on the fly that we’d try something different in the interest of making the customer happy and learning a little flexibility. I asked the girls to choose. We could do a typical orientation, sped up to compensate for the late start, or we could just jump right in and work our asses off, letting the new girl pick up what she could along the way. They wanted to work their asses off. I assumed that it would be a mess. Disastrous results, worst case scenario. Bad habits to unlearn later, best case.

To my surprise, me stepping out of my comfort zone turned out to be a great thing. The new girl picked up the proper stance and technique and could throw a really mean jab and straight right, right off the bat. And she didn’t pick up all those nasty bad habits most of the girls do. I was so confused at how that could be since I just basically threw her to the wolves. I get that some girls are just naturals. Right on. But what I really was surprised about was that I, Ms. Structure, adjusted and adapted to them, instead of the other way around. I listened, observed and responded to what I saw, making the workout especially fun for them, as well as hard. I realized these two friends were competitive with each other, so I pitted them against each other in the workout, letting them try to out-do one another. They had a blast and really got in an incredible workout in a short time.

The moral of the story is to adapt. Do what feels right instead of the same old same old. Sometimes, and for no reasons other than for the hell of it, it’s ok to try a different approach. So girls, surprise yourself and try a different approach. If you always hit the eliptical machine, try the stair climber. If you always jump rope before class, try going for a run. If you always use 3 lb weights for our cardio exercises, try 5 lbs. If you always do yoga on Saturday mornings, try a beach bootcamp. If you always order fries, try the fruit cup.

You’ll see. Change feels good.

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