Sticking with it for dummies

December 21, 2010 by AnnMarie

I’ve been training clients and teaching boxing classes long enough to know all too well the sad reality of fitness resolutions. They’re always made with the best intentions, but statistically are rarely kept. So how the hell are some people keeping those resolutions while others crap out? What’s their secret?

There’s a few pointers I can share.

1. You have to want it – really want it. Like trying to quit smoking, you’ll never succeed if you can’t look deep in your soul and say “I will do whatever it takes to quit”. Sure, I’d like to read more books and completely convert to veganism, but I’m also realistic. My little inner voice tells me that ain’t happening. Well, that inner voice and the lure of baked brie and raw oysters.

Be true to who you are and don’t beat yourself up if your fitness goals aren’t completely met. Choosing a workout over a bundt cake or a 10 minute jog with you dog over a nap with your cat isn’t defeat. Any exercise you do is a win in my book. When you’re really ready and really want it, it will happen.

2. Starting is hard! I see new girls join our boxing group and on their first few sessions they have a hard time keeping up with some of the more intense things. The killers are usually push ups, stamina drills and our plyometric workout (even I hate plyo!). They get frustrated and beat themselves up. It’s not uncommon for people to bail on their workout goals fairly quickly for this reason.

However, if they stick with it, a month later it’s a whole different story. I sometimes have to remind the girls of their progress; how they can do twice as many push ups or don’t need to stop in middle of a drill to catch their breath. That added strength and stamina are the building blocks for reaching their inevitable weight loss or muscle toning goals.

3. Results breed results. You dive into your fitness routine with a fury. All is going well, but you’re not seeing the results you want fast enough. What is it you’re looking for? Depending on your starting point, be it weight, stamina level, muscle tone – whatever your yard-stick is – you have to set realistic goals and put everything you’ve got into your workout. If you do it’s pretty hard to fail. Keep at it and I promise, when you hit a milestone, it boosts your confidence in your ability to make it to the next milestone!

You will even start to question that urge to eat junk food because in your head you’re doing the math on how much you’ll have to workout to burn that off and not sabotage yourself. The healthy habits keep upping the anti and before you know it, hello bikini body!

4. “I’m not a jock.” It’s a total cop out to compare yourself to anyone else and it’s no excuse for giving up. When I started running I was downhearted about not running as far or as fast as some of my friends. I sucked at it! I even judged myself harshly because I didn’t have the nice running shoes or cute little running outfits. But I loved that rush of crossing the finish line. That kept me going. It was my time and no one elses, so why should how fast or far others could run or how cute they looked doing it.

If you try boxing with us, don’t worry about how anyone else is doing in class except yourself. You work on you. Every single person in that boxing gym had to start as an absolute beginner. Our girls are so supportive and we encourage each other like you wouldn’t believe. We all want you to succeed!

As a side note, if it helps and you can afford it, by all means go out and buy new workout outfits, at least enough to get you from laundry day to laundry day. Experts say that it is a great motivator and confidence builder! Can’t afford it? I couldn’t either! I got shorts from Goodwill and jog bras from Kmart. To this day I have a hard time paying more than $15 for any workout clothes!

In the end, your success or failure is up to you. The only question is what “you” are you going to bring to the gym? The defeatist you or the stick-to-it you?


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