6 Weeks to 6 Pack: my personal challenge


April 15, 2011 by AnnMarie

Plain and simple, I want to sculpt my abs back to that six pack I had for a brief time oh so long ago. I know it can be done but I keep getting in my own way. So to get there I’m going to put in extra miles running, I’m going to cut out even more junk food than I already have cut out, I’m going to ease up on the alcohol (*sigh*) and I’m going to work even harder on my abs in the gym.

And I’m going to need help. Bunny help! We can easily overlook the importance of moral support, right? But those of us in the group know that every time we’re in that gym together, we’re really in it together. We are supportive emotionally, we help push each other both through encouragement and competitiveness, and we can look at the girl next to us that has worked hard and has reached or is well on the way to reaching her goals and see that, yes! it can be done.

So I’ll try to post a photo of my abs every week between now and then. Feel free to give me a hard time if you don’t see me working the abs as much as I make you work them in class. Feel free to slap pizza slices out of my hand too. And if my hard work is showing, by all means, tell me it’s showing. We all need to do these things for each other.

So I’d like to also ask each of you to comment here with your goal(s). Put it here in writing and let us help you stick to them. It can be as simple as wanting to eat more fresh fruits and veggies. Maybe you want to improve your punches and stance. Or how about sculpting you arms and back. Being able to run 5 miles. Whatever your fitness goal, please share it here. You’ll have a whole team of supporters backing you up. Doesn’t that feel good to know? That’s the thing about us Bunnies, we may be bad asses, but like all bunnies, we’re warm and fuzzy.

Boxing Bunnies 6 Pack Challenge

Day One


One thought on “6 Weeks to 6 Pack: my personal challenge

  1. Joya says:

    So many goals! But for the immediate future, my main goals are around eating. I’ve already incorporated Meatless Mondays into my routine and added veggies to everyday meals. I’m going to focus on eating more fruit and trying to eat more lean proteins (ie fish) rather than red and white land animals 🙂

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