April Contest Winding Down as We Ramp it Up

April 26, 2011 by AnnMarie

Everyone has really pushed extra hard this month for the contest, and it shows!

Below is a list of our top ten point earners so far.

  1. Bety
  2. Ann Marie
  3. Lani
  4. M’Elaine
  5. Joya
  6. Jenny
  7. Abigail
  8. Katie G
  9. Katie K
  10. Jenna

Don’t see your name in the list? There’s so many of you hot the the heels of the top 10! You can still pull out a come from behind win, so come to class early and crank out some points or challenge one of the top point earners to a throw-down. You can earn points from online activities too!


1st Place = One hour massage plus facial from Massage Shoppe ($95 value)

2nd Place = Hair cut and blow-dry style from Rapunzel’s Salon ($60 value)

3rd Place = A facial or microderm abrasion from Massage Shoppe ($50 value)

One Point:

  • Attend one class
  • 40 push ups
  • 30 assisted pull ups
  • 2 rounds jump rope back to back
  • 1 round ab coaster
  • 1 round running the stairs
  • Plank for 60 seconds solid
  • Low plank for 30 seconds solid
  • “Like” Boxing Bunnies on facebook
  • “Share” our blog on facebook (boxingbunnies.com)
  • 20 consecutive medicine ball slam sit ups
  • 150 consecutive overheads with 5 lbs

Two Points:

  • 5 consecutive regular pull ups
  • Help a new member during class
  • Pull the tire to the corner and back twice without stopping (except to turn around).
  • Plank for 90 seconds solid
  • Low plank for 60 seconds solid
  • 30 consecutive medicine ball slam sit ups
  • 150 consecutive overheads with 8 lbs

Three Points:

  • Bring a friend
  • Spar 2 rounds with Clay
  • Attend 4 classes in one week (Mon thru Sat)
  • 40 consecutive medicine ball slam sit ups
  • 100 consecutive overheads with 10 lbs.
  • Write a Google Places review for Boxing Bunnies online
  • Share a low calorie recipe for our blog

Throwdown Challenge, up to 5 Points:

  • Challenge another member by betting points on things like who can go the longest without errors on the speed bag or jumping rope, who can hold a plank the longest, who can do the most consecutive push ups, whatever! Even something as simple as the balance board or hula hoop can earn you some points.

Happening In the Gym

Workout of the week. This one was designed special for a Bunny who's gotta be away this week. She can do this in her hotel room and you can do it here in the gym, at home, on the beach, in your office... Just get it done! Workout of the week part 1 Even tough coaches still gotta take care of the menial sh*t. That goes for you ladies in the gym too. Do your road work, jump rope and fine tune your form. Then? Go kick some ass. #empoweredwomen #boxingworkouts #womenwhobox

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