Sand sticks to sweat like sugar on a donut

May 22, 2011 by AnnMarie

Congrats to Boxing Bunny members Jenny T and Bety R who took up the Never Quit Never beach challenge this weekend! Along with their friend Kaitlin, they each did a leg of the Trident. Unfortunately, due to a chip mishap, their time was not recorded! We do know that Bety swam the 500 in 8 minutes – totally BAD ASS! Kaitlin paddled the surfboard 1500 meter and Jenny ran 5 miles in the sand. I’m so proud of them for dedicating a tremendous amount of time and energy to train. Yay Jenny & Bety!

Contests: On another note, after our very strenuous beach class today, Bety and I were talking about the fitness contests the last two months in boxing. We both agreed that, although we haven’t lost pounds, we’ve lost inches. I have been getting frustrated because my scale will NOT budge! It’s really pissing me off, to be honest. And with the change of season and changing over to Summer weather clothes I didn’t really notice a change in how my clothes fit. But when I really look at myself in the mirror, though I don’t have that six pack yet, I look more toned and a little more slender. And if you’ve been paying attention to the contest results, you’ll notice that Bety and I have been pretty much kicking all your asses.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure this one out. So let’s fire it up and finish this contest strong. So far we don’t have a winner. A few of you are very close though. The first to finish gets their pick of the following prizes. Runners up get their pick and so on, until all the prizes are gone.


  • $40 gift certificate to 1st Place Sports
  • Waterford Crystal Sea Horse figurine
  • Pink Title Boxing gym bag
  • Pink hand wraps
  • Title Boxing Gloves
  • Video camera (details to follow – M’elaine is trying to get this to donate as a prize)

Looking to June, I’m hoping to give away a prize every day we are in the new gym. If anyone is interested in donating small gifts, please feel free! If you know of anyone or any business that would like our girls as patrons, hit them up for small donations. I’m looking for gift cards and prizes in the $5 to $10 value range.

Beach Class: Our beach class has been amazing and INTENSE! I’m so happy to have such a great turnout every weekend. Today we had a special treat when long lost Bunny Stella, our marathoner from St. Augustine, came up to workout with us. We totally kicked her butt, so you know it was a tough session! If you haven’t been, please come and check it out. For the month of May bring a friend and split the cost – 2 for 1! Just one more sweaty, sandy Saturday left to take advantage of this friend special.

May Special Ends Soon: Three months for the price of two expires May 31st. Buy any time this month for $150. You can even apply it to your June 1st dues. Stay committed to your health, fitness and strength and stick with it this Summer! DON’T BE A BEACH BUM! BE A BEACH BUNNY! A Boxing Bunny.


Happening In the Gym

@bestfriendsanimalsociety I'm a little windblown and hopefully don't sound to desperate, but here is my impassioned plea to hire me for your Sanctuary Ambassador/Tour Guide position open in Kanab. Resume coming to you soon (Ann Marie Route)! And friends? Boxing Bunnies gang? Comment here to let them know why you think I'd make a great Ambassador for this amazing animal sanctuary! Yay, c'mon team! Bat bag. Always a favorite. Huginator. A friendly reminder that you don't need a gym or even a building to do this. Just saying.

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