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June 1, 2011 by AnnMarie


  • Congrats to M’elaine for winning 1st Place in our May fitness challenge and for fitting into her highschool prom dress last weekend!!! Way to go, girl! Bety came in second and Kari took third.
  • 6 weeks to 6-pack personal challenge update: ok, I didn’t quite make it there, but I’m determined to make it by the end of June. Stay tuned for updates. I’m still working hard!
  • May health challenge: so how did you all do drinking a gallon of water a day? I did ok for the first couple of weeks, but struggled at the end. All that water flushed out some kidney stones too. Yeouch! But they’ve passed now I think, and according to my doctor, a gallon a day is a great habit to keep up with to avoid getting more kidney stones.
  • June health challenge:  Zzzzzzzzz. This month I am dedicated to getting a full 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night. I tend to be a night owl and never get nearly enough rest. Experts say it helps with weight loss goals and alertness, among many other benefits.


June Fitness Contest:

This month it’s anyone’s game! You can even prepare for the contest at home. We’ll draw for a winner each week. To get your name entered in the weekly drawing you must be able to complete at least one of the tasks below. You can enter the drawing up to 4 times, once for each exercise successfully completed that week.

Week One (June 5 – 11):

  • Complete 40 consecutive push ups
  • Complete 20 consecutive full squats
  • Complete 40 consecutive tricep dips
  • Complete 20 consecutive jump lunges
    Prize = to be determined

Week Two (June 12 – 18):

  • Complete 60 consecutive push ups
  • Complete 30 consecutive full squats
  • Complete 60 consecutive tricep dips
  • Complete 30 consecutive jump lunges
    Prize = to be determined

Week Three (June 19 – 25):

  • Complete 80 consecutive push ups
  • Complete 40 consecutive full squats
  • Complete 80 consecutive tricep dips
  • Complete 40 consecutive jump lunges
    Prize = to be determined

Week Four (June 26 – 30):

  • Complete 100 consecutive push ups
  • Complete 50 consecutive full squats
  • Complete 100 consecutive tricep dips
  • Complete 50 consecutive jump lunges
    Prize = free massage with Jaime at Massage Shoppe

Starting Monday, every class we’ll work on these four exercises. For example we’ll do 25 push ups on Monday, 30 Tuesday, 35 Wednesday then be ready for 40 on Thursday. If you’re not able to make it to class, you can practice at home and as long as you hit the weekly goals each one time in class, you’ll be in the drawing.

There’s no excuses for not participating in this contest and it’s more open for anyone to win!


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