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April 9, 2014 by AnnMarie

Some of you may know Molly, one of the dedicated girls who attend our morning classes regularly. But you may not know she wasn’t alway the lean mean boxing machine she is now. Growing up in Philadelphia, she never had a weight problem. Well, not until college that is. While attending Gettysburg College she stopped playing sports and working out, but kept eating and drinking whatever she wanted. You’ve heard of the freshmen 15? By the time Molly graduated she’d gained thirty pounds. She knew she had to make a change. She started working out and eating healthier. She really saw results when she upped her game by becoming a pescatarian (no meat or poultry, only fish/seafood) and working out up to 5 times a week.

Eventually she moved to Arizona with her husband, who she met in college, and couldn’t find a gym she was happy with. Working out less and filling up on pasta and fries added with a sedentary desk job brought her weight back up. Pregnant with her first son (she has two adorable boys), her weight topped out at almost 230lbs with only 20-30 of those pounds attributable to the baby. Even her obstetrician warned her about her obesity during her pregnancy. Enough was enough.

She whittled her weight down to about 180lbs within 18 months of her sons birth, but needed something more. Molly struggled with the same basic problems you and I have: staying motivated and eating right. About that time a friend brought her to a Stroller Strides fitness group for mommies. She was hooked! A couple years later when she moved here to Florida, she had shed over 30lbs, was down to a size 6 and had the coveted muscle definition we all admire. Molly has maintained that definition and dropped a few additional pounds. She said she has struggled to get her arms toned for years and just the other day told me her friends have been noticing her sexy, toned arms lately! She attributes that to Boxing Bunnies.

What works for Molly?


Molly at 180lbs, 2010.

  • Becoming vegetarian and eating clean: this made the biggest difference in her weight and shap
  • Finding activities she enjoyed kept her motivated: boxing, running, group classes, hiking
  • Finding people to hold her accountable: committing to meeting them on specific dates and times keeps her on track
  • Avoid CRAP:  C – carbonated drinks, R – refined sugars, A – artificial sweeteners/food and P – processed foods. She shops the perimeter of the grocery store. You should too.

Molly came to us several months ago, already in great shape. Her life-long friend Colleen had been coming to classes and convinced Molly to join us. Colleen really inspires her, both in the gym and when she’s rocking the bikini on the beach. It’s great to workout with someone who challenges you and inspires you.

Besides more toned arms, her running and stamina have benefited big time from working out with us. We’ve benefited big time from having Molly in our classes. She’s understands our weight struggles because she’s been where a lot of us are or have been; overweight and fed up, and every day she enters our gym she has such a positive, motivating influence on the whole group. I wanted to share her story because looking at her now, you may not realize how far she’s come. And both Molly and I want you to make that journey too!

Fit and fabulous Molly today after sparring with Colleen (Molly's standing)

Fit and fabulous Molly today after sparring with Colleen (Molly’s standing)

Bunny Bio:

  • 38 years old
  • Married 11 years
  • 2 kids (5 1/2 and 2 1/2 years old)
  • Favorite healthy snack: raw, unsalted almonds & Medjool dates combined because they taste like Xmas cookies her mom makes
  • Runs races from 5k’s to half marathons
  • Goal: to become a personal trainer/group fitness instructor
  • Fun fact: her husband calls her MILF and wants to have sex with her all the time!
  • Message to us: you can become fit without pills, fad diets, shakes or surgery
  • Guilty pleasure: dark chocolate, Malbec, beer, pizza, fries and/or nachos
  • Motto: “Move your feet so you can eat!”
  • Favorite curse word: any form of “fuck”

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