Change to Saturday’s beach class & Check Return Policy

August 1, 2014 by AnnMarie


We changed this weekends beach class to 9am on SUNDAY. Hopefully more people can attend. Remember, sign up is important for these special/weekend classes! We need to know how many of you fabulous girls will be there. Sign up on Facebook events or call/text me at 962-9960



Effective immediately there will be a $25 charge for all returned checks. 



Happening In the Gym

@bestfriendsanimalsociety I'm a little windblown and hopefully don't sound to desperate, but here is my impassioned plea to hire me for your Sanctuary Ambassador/Tour Guide position open in Kanab. Resume coming to you soon (Ann Marie Route)! And friends? Boxing Bunnies gang? Comment here to let them know why you think I'd make a great Ambassador for this amazing animal sanctuary! Yay, c'mon team! Bat bag. Always a favorite. Huginator. A friendly reminder that you don't need a gym or even a building to do this. Just saying.

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