Nothing Worth Having is Free

February 24, 2016 by AnnMarie


I get asked fairly often by potential members if they can try a class for free and see if they like it. I get deflated, skeptical looks when I answer there are no free classes. I understand it’s hard to take a risk and try something new, but you came to us for a reason: You wanted to make a change and be daring, trying this unconventional workout. We, in turn, are taking a risk in you, so here is a little explanation why we don’t offer a free trial.

11295634_863685453716694_5007299962850927736_nThis is not just a workout. You’re learning a sport. Yes, if you want to randomly smack the bags around without worrying about proper form, by all means go ahead. We want you to learn how to box properly. It makes a difference because when you know what you’re doing you’ll not only hit with more confidence and vigor, but you’ll be getting an effective workout using proper techniques. We take the time to show you how to wrap your hands and wrists protectively. We show you proper stance and body mechanics. We take this time because it yields results and reduces the chance of injury. When you know you can hit the bags really hard without hurting yourself, you will hit harder and faster and get a better workout. THIS is the main reason we don’t offer a free trial. This dedication of our time is something we don’t take lightly.

12144731_938590182892887_6997571960415635427_nWe are dedicating our time. We need you to be dedicated too. To put it plainly, don’t waste our time. Yes, it sounds harsh. When you’re first starting with us you get a lot of my hands on, one on one attention. This takes my focus away from the other members. Fast forward to when you’ve been here a while and you’ll see that if a new member is not taking this seriously, thinking it’d be cute to try to box and post it on social media so they can *look* like a bad ass, you’ll be pissed that this girl is taking your trainers time away from you. I am a one woman business and I am absolutely dedicated to giving EVERYONE the best of my time. Respectfully I ask you to do the same. Give me your best and you’ll reap big rewards.

10313571_873407516077821_6882102061651936862_n“But what if I don’t like it?” You might not. “But what if it’s too hard?” It might be. These are the risks only you can decide to take. Take some time to look at our photos and videos on facebook and instagram. Take a look at all of our online reviews from members. You will see what you’re in for – we are very transparent. If you’re still questioning whether this is for you or not then it probably isn’t. If you’re questioning if you can keep up I can tell you there is no one way to do this workout. Everyone, and I mean everyone, has their own pace. You do you. Let the other girls worry about themselves. It is a tough workout and you will be pushed hard, but I am not a drill sergeant. My 70 year old mom did this workout. A 8 1/2 month pregnant woman has done this workout. People with bad backs, bad knees, sprained ankles or broken fingers have done this workout. You can modify this workouts level of intensity and moves to fit your abilities. We’ll help you. We are in this together and we all want each other to succeed.


We are truly a sisterhood. There’s no cattiness here. That attitude simply doesn’t survive in this atmosphere. Every one of us had our “day one”. We were awkward and trying to get the hang of this, worried we looked like fools. Yeah, we may have but we kept showing up and every day we learned a little more, pushed a little harder and achieved a little more. When we see you, the newbie, we feel your pain! And we will be a supportive friend to help you kick ass. So if you still want a “free workout” to see if you like it, yoga may be more your speed.

Bunny <3,
Momma Bunny




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