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At Boxing Bunnies…

  • You won’t get bored.
  • You won’t be alone.
  • You won’t be judged if you can’t do a perfect push up.


  • You will get personal attention.
  • You will get a workout that is geared to your abilities.
  • You will be among a sisterhood of women who will cheer you on.

These are things you just can’t get from a fitness chain or working out alone in the gym. We are focused specifically on a woman’s needs, both physical and mental. We keep you motivated, push you to achieve what you thought you couldn’t and if you fail, we’re a supportive friend to help you try again. Other gyms have high pressure sales tactics and force you to sign a one year contract. Not us. We offer flexible, no-contract membership options to suit everyone.

I’m Ann Marie Route and I am Boxing Bunnies founder, owner and trainer. With 7 years of boxing fitness experience and a creative drive to keep our workouts fresh and challenging, you’re in for an amazing workout. I am a USA Boxing certified coach and am first aid/CPR certified.

Those are the tangible details about my qualifications to lead you in an effective workout. What you can’t see on a certificate is that I’m like you. I face the same challenges you do with diet and exercise every day. I’m not an elite athlete, ready for a fitness magazine cover shoot. I was never even into sports or fitness until well into my adulthood! But I’ve found a love for taking good care of the one and only body I have and making myself as healthy as I can. And I want to share that passion with you.

A note about persons with disabilities:
Many gyms turn away customers based on physical impairments. If this has happened to you, Boxing Bunnies may be able to accommodate you. We will work to provide you with a great workout suited to your abilities. Of course, we may not be able to meet the needs of everyone, but in nearly 6 years of business we’ve never had to turn anyone away.

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Happening In the Gym

Burpee time! Video posted to the Facebook page soon. Luck be a bunny. Pull cards, match exercise to the suit, match rep count to the number on the card. Aces are 20, faces are 10. Keep pulling cards/doing the exercises for 10 minutes. Hey Abigail! We stole you move and gave it an upgrade. Give it a try! 3 full minutes. No break. Workout of the week. Set a timer for 6 minutes and GO!

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Hours & Location

2010 Kings Circle South
Neptune Beach, FL 32266

Near the Mayport Flyover

Monday & Wednesday:
5:30pm & 6:45pm

Tuesday & Thursday:


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About Us

Private, women's only boxing gym NO CONTRACTS EVER Affordable, upfront pricing No intimidation All skill and fitness levels No experience needed Individual attention Real boxing drills Great friends & tons of fun

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