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New to our group? You can do this! Here’s how to join us:

STEP ONE: Schedule your first class by calling 962-9960. Limited space is available in each class so call ahead!

Why do I need to call ahead and why is there limited space? We offer hands on training to get your started and are only able to accommodate 4 new members per class to ensure everyone gets proper instruction.

STEP TWO: Show up 20 prior to your scheduled class time. Payments accepted by cash or card. Bring a bottle of water, wear appropriate gym clothes and get ready to sweat!

Why do I need to show up early? What if I’m late? Your first class you will need to complete a waiver form, process your payment, get geared up and learn to throw the basic punches. Classes start ON TIME. If you’re late we cannot hold up class to get you started.

STEP THREE: Wrap your hands and get ready to sweat. Special hand wraps are required to hit the heavy bags. We show you how to put them on. Available in the gym for $8.

Why do I need hand wraps? We hit HARD! These pad your knuckles and support your wrists to reduce the risk of injury. When you hit with confidence that you’re protected, you hit harder and faster, giving you a better workout.

That’s it! Once you have attended your first class, you will be allowed to join our private Facebook group. This keeps you up to date on class schedules, events and important info. Everyone can follow our Facebook page for challenges, contests, tips and events.

Click here for membership options and pricing.

Still not sure it’s right for you? Click here for answers to your questions and concerns.

Shadow Boxing with members Trish, Shawna and instructor Ann Marie

Here’s a handy video on how to wrap your hands.

See us in action! Check out this great video created by one of our members, Brit.

Happening In the Gym

Waaay late posting the workout of the week, but you can do it over the weekend, at home, repeatedly, instead of bingeing netflix. Just sayin'. As always, visit the Facebook PAGE to find the instructional video. Remember day one on the speed bag all those months ago, Kelsey? Yeah, neither do I. @kelseybhope Screw diamonds. New gloves are a girls best friend. Workout of the week! We did this once and it only took 5 minutes. When I asked the girls to do it again they wholeheartedly said NO. Goooood luck. Video to follow on Facebook.

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Hours & Location

2010 Kings Circle South
Neptune Beach, FL 32266

Monday - Thursday:
5:30pm all levels, 60 minutes
6:30pm intense express class + advanced skill building, 30 minutes

Saturday mornings by sign up only via facebook events.

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Private, women's only boxing gym NO CONTRACTS EVER Affordable, upfront pricing No intimidation All skill and fitness levels No experience needed Individual attention Real boxing drills Great friends & tons of fun

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