Q. How do I get started?

A. Text or call 962 – 9960 to schedule the required orientation session, typically held on Saturdays. You’ll sign a waiver, make your payment, learn how to wrap your hands and receive instruction on proper boxing form. After that get ready to sweat! Click here for new member steps.

Q. How do I wrap my hands?

A. You’ll learn how to wrap your hands before your first class. Until you get the hang of it show up 15 minutes early. But be warned, once class starts we will not stop to help with wraps and you’ll have to go without! Here’s a video showing how to do it.

Q. I’ve seen other boxing gyms around town. How is Boxing Bunnies different?


  • We never require a contract.
  • No other club in town is exclusively for women.
  • In our gym you won’t feel like you’re on display or intimidated.
  • We donate 50% of your annual enrollment fee to First Coast No More Homeless Pets.
  • One on one AND group instruction helps you advance you skills and stay motivated.
  • We’re not a franchise. We’re a woman/local owned small business that’s been around nearly 8 years.

Q. I’ve never tried boxing before and I’m nervous. Do I have to hit anyone? What can I expect? I’m scared and I don’t know if I can do this!

A. Don’t be nervous and don’t panic! We’re a very welcoming and friendly group of girls and everyone is happy to help new-comers. And you don’t have to hit anyone, but you’ll probably learn to love those drills the most. We train safely first and foremost. You’ll learn proper technique and form to get the best and safest workout possible. Our classes consist not only of jumping rope, heavy bag, speed bag and punch mitt work, but also a wide variety of cardio and strength training exercises.

Q. Is this class too intense for me? Or maybe it’s not challenging enough?

A. Our members are all sizes, ages, abilities and levels of fitness. We do challenging, high intensity exercises. If you’re just getting into a fitness routine, simply go slower, modify the exercises or take breaks until you have built up stamina. And if a drill or exercise is too easy, push yourself harder, go faster, add weights and/or add reps. Whatever shape you’re in, we’ll help you get the workout that’s best for you. Always check with your doctor before beginning any fitness program.

Q. What are classes like?

A. Check us out on Instagram, Facebook or here on the website to see photos and videos of what our workouts are like.

Q. Do you offer a free trial?

A. No.

Q. What are the rates after the initial new member specials?

A. Monthly unlimited memberships are $50 per month with an annual enrollment fee of $60. Half of this fund is donated to First Coast No More Homeless Pets.

Q. What equipment do you provide?

A. The gym provides everything you need including gloves, jump ropes, weights and punching bags, however you may prefer to invest in your own gloves and jump rope. Hand wraps are required and are available in the gym for $8.

Q. Do I need to bring anything?

1. A BIG bottle of water. ABSOLUTELY NO FOOD OR GUM IN THE GYM!!!!!!!
2. A small towel – we WILL make you sweat!
3. A very good sports bra is highly recommended.


Q. How big are the classes?

A. Class size is around 6 to 18 girls.

Q. How old do I have to be to come to classes?


  • Women ages 18 and up are welcome.
  • If you are 16 or 17 you will need a parent or guardian’s permission.
  • Girls ages 14 and 15 can attend but only if a female parent or guardian also attends classes with you.

Q. Why are you called Boxing Bunnies?

A. When trying to think of a name for our Neptune Beach group, I thought “who wouldn’t want a beach bunny body?” That led me to think of boxing rabbits like the ones pictured below. With a happy marriage of the two, the name Boxing Bunnies was born. Cute name, killer workout.

Happening In the Gym

Saturday workout with some amazing female role models. It's not just girls we want to create a positive example for. Boys need to see that women are as strong as men. Respect. If your heart isn't racing by the time you've done this twice thru, you might be dead. #justsaying #bbwow Get a piece of beaches history. Tanks in purple and gray available for $15. Less than 2 weeks to go and these shirts are going fast! Bittersweet. Sweet because I love these girls. Bitter because DAMN my abs hurt!

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Hours & Location

2010 Kings Circle South
Neptune Beach, FL 32266

Monday & Wednesday:
5:30pm & 6:45pm
Tuesday & Thursday:

10am location varies & sign up required

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